IKEA decided to stop publishing its catalogue


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IKEA has just announced that it is withdrawing its iconic catalogue, both in print and digital versions, 70 years after the first edition. This means that the summer 2020 edition of the catalogue would be the last.

The decision is dictated by the desire of the network to become a more ‘digital and accessible business’. IKEA also noted that the catalogue is currently being used less frequently, due to changes in consumer behaviour and media consumption. It is therefore very likely that the chain will introduce new, more digitised tools in place of the catalogue. IKEA stresses that it is constantly looking for new channels, ways and formats to communicate with customers.

Record year for the IKEA catalogue

The first IKEA catalogue was published in 1951 and its composition was handled personally by its founder, Ingvar Kamprad. It was published in Swedish only in 285,000 copies. It had 68 pages. The Internet version of the catalogue was implemented in 2000. The year 2016 was a record year in terms of catalogue distribution. It was published in 200 million copies in 32 languages and was distributed in 50 countries.

In autumn 2021. IKEA is planning to release an anniversary edition of the catalogue to commemorate its history.

Photo: Ikea.

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