Coronavirus: Yellow light for gastronomy


Wpis dostępny jest także w języku: polski

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the Ministry of Health has decided to reinstate certain restrictions on the operation of gastronomic facilities. For the time being, these restrictions will only apply to counties in the red zone.

Gastronomic outlets, bars and restaurants in the counties that will be located in the red zone will be able to be opened only until 10 p.m. This decision is due to the end of the summer season and the abolition of gastronomic gardens. Similar restrictions have recently been applied in other European countries, including the United Kingdom.

Restrictions will also affect gatherings and weddings – and in all zones. In the green zone, the permitted limit for people has been reduced from 150 to 100. In the yellow and red zones, the limits will be 75 and 50 people respectively. The Ministry of Health emphasises that this results from data analysis – in Małopolska, weddings were responsible for over 10% of coronavirus cases.

In addition, there will be an obligation to cover the nose and mouth in the open space in the yellow and red zones.

The regulation introducing the changes is under development and will probably enter into force next week.

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