Lewiatan launches self-service concept

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The first self-service Lewiatan’s store, or rather a vending machine, launched in the last days of January in Krakow. Since this “shop” is self-service, it will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Including holidays and non-commercial Sundays.

The first self-service Lewiatan’s vending machine was launched in front of the chain’s store, operating in Krakow. The outlet offers nearly 200 SKU, including beverages, snacks, dairy products, pre-packaged meat, bread, ready-to-go meals. The facility also offers hot coffee, tea or chocolate from a machine. However, due to the lack of possibility to verify the age of the customer, there is no alcohol in the assortment.

The vending machine is operated via a multimedia touch panel. In turn, the ordered product is introduced into a special elevator by means of a conveyor belt, and the collected purchased products are delivered to the window where the purchases are issued.

New “store” will not replace a visit to a full-service store

The machine includes both well-known brand products as well as Lewiatan private label products. We will find there products of the highest need, without the possibility to choose products of your favourite brand.

This concept will only work with shopping if you forget something or want to buy the product you need on Sunday. In a situation where we place emphasis on speed and convenience, which ensures that we use the machine. The disadvantage of the machine is the lack of possibility to pay in cash as well as by card to PIN. So you can pay for purchases only close to the amount of 50 PLN.

Lewiatan is not first grocery chain testing self-service concept

In December 2019, Carrefour launched a similar project in Warsaw. The retailer offers nearly 170 SKU. The project differs from Lewiatan’s solution mainly because it has doors and closed space.

What is more, there are already storeswithout service on the Polish market and the implementation of further such solutions is being considered by retailers. The first store of this type was Bio Family Supermarket in Poznan, opened in October 2018. The store operates normally during the day, but at night and on holidays it can be opened thanks to an application or a special card. With paying for purchases at self-service checkouts.

It is not as advanced in technology as American-based Amazon Go, where just taking a product off the shelf is tantamount to adding it to your shopping list and scanning products and using cash registers is unnecessary. Such innovative solutions are also being developed. Zabka works on a such store in cooperation with AiFi company. The shop is to display to customers dedicated promotions based on data about previous purchases from the app, and the service is to be limited to the catering area.

A similar situation is observed in Surge Cloud’s Take&Go store, where products are automatically scanned when they reach the checkout line during shopping. The first store of the chain started at the end of June 2019 in Poznan.

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