Lidl announces cooperation with a Polish clothing company

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For several years Lidl has been testing variants of cooperation with celebrities or popular brands by selling their products in chain stores. Recently, it started such cooperation with a chain of Polish clothing stores – Sugarfree.

Lidl started cooperation with a chain of clothing stores – Sugarfree. As a result of the cooperation Lidl sales of an evening dresses collection. Three different models of dresses are available in four metallic colours. The products are promoted as a New Year’s Eve night or carnival parties outfits. The dresses are available in chain’s stores from 19 December.

Sugarfree is a Polish company which operates a chain of 11 stores in franchise format in major Polish cities. The chain’s stores are located, among others, in Warsaw, Krakow, Katowice, Szczecin and Poznan. The company also operates an online store.

Christina Aguilera for Lidl

What is more, Lidl also recently started a cooperation with Christina Aguilera. As a result, the chain launched to its stores cosmetics accessories designed in cooperation with an American artist. Hair styling products also were launched in stores in Poland in mid-December. Lidl’s customers can purchase, among others, a curling iron, a straightener with an LED display, a hairdryer, a curling-dryer with ionization, or a hair brush.

It should be noted that Christina Aguilera is not the first celebrity with whom Lidl started a cooperation. In 2017, the discount chain started a cooperation with a popular model – Heidi Klum. The model signed the Esmara private label product line with her name. Four collections of clothes, shoes and accessories were created by Esmara by Heidi Klum.

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