LokalnyRolnik.pl grows on COVID-19 pandemic

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The coronavirus pandemic significantly affected all segments of the economy, but it also created opportunities for business development. The entire online segment has won, and the winner is also LokalnyRolnik.pl, a virtual market, reports Puls Biznesu.

300% increase in sales of LokalnyRolnik.pl

LokalnyRolnik.pl operates on the principle of marketplace, i.e. virtual space that connects sellers with buyers. In this case, these are farmers from a given region and persons registered in one of 170 purchasing groups. Orders are prepared in real time – i.e. farmers prepare their products when the order appears. They bring them to the reloading points where they are completed and distributed to the buyers.

According to Puls Biznesu, during the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the portal recorded even 300% increase in sales. LokalnyRolnik.pl gained from the restrictions imposed on grocery stores, and the delivery of fruit and vegetables to the door could also be a good solution for people in quarantine. Although now the sale has slowed down, it is even higher than a year ago. What is more, the average value of the basket is increasing.

The coronavirus pandemic will change online grocery shopping

According to PMR’s report “Online retail market in Poland 2020”, in 2020 the food e-market will grow by over 40% year on year. Over the years a factor was expected to emerge which would significantly accelerate the development of the e-grocery market – on the one hand, it was to be technological innovations in logistics, which would enable the acceleration and reduction of delivery costs and the entry of leading food chains. Ultimately, the COVID-19 epidemic will be a factor that will significantly accelerate market development.

Already at the end of February, even before the appearance of the first cases of coronavirus infection in Poland, the largest food e-shops observed a significant increase in sales – both in terms of basket value and the number of orders. Shortly afterwards, subsequent chains informed about testing or launching e-shops, as well as about starting cooperation with delivery companies. Despite this, the food market shows the biggest difference between the whole market and the Internet channel only, both in terms of the share of the Internet channel in the whole market and the consumers’ approach to purchases.

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