Lisek – a new q-commerce app ready to run in Krakow

Lisek, a new q-commerce app ready to run in Krakow

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Lisek, a startup in the instant delivery industry, made its test debut in Warsaw in 2019, and resumed its operations with the extension of coverage to further areas of the capital in April this year. Currently, this application will also be ready for service in Krakow.

The Lisek company deals with the delivery of food products as part of q-commerce services. The products are delivered by couriers on electric bikes from Lisek’s own warehouses within 10 minutes, according to their official website. In Warsaw, the company already covers over 10 districts, in Krakow, Lisek’s services can be used in Srodmiescie, Kazimierz and the Old Town.

The q-commerce strategy is based on building a network of so-called dark stores, i.e. warehouses dedicated to handling online orders. This means that couriers will not make purchases of products in shops, but will collect them directly from warehouses.

The q-commerce market is developing dynamically in Poland, but as Arkadiusz Kawa Kawa, director of the Lukasiewicz Research Network, reports for the website, this service will only be available in larger cities and not on a massive scale. Therefore, the Lisek company must take into account the competition from other delivery companies such as Glovo – the competing network already wants to create around 100 dark stars by 2021., but also Uber Eats, Everli or Wolt or Jokr – a new player on the Polish market.

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