New producer of plant-based meals


Wpis dostępny jest także w języku: polski

Black Forest SICAV-SIF, a Luxembourg investment fund together with Dariusz Galezewski and Dominik Dolinski, entrepreneurs controlling the Oshee Polska, are taking steps to create a joint entrepreneur under the Yamly name. The goal of the joint venture will be production and distribution of ready-made vegan and vegetarian dishes.

The investment activities of Black Forest SICAV-SIF are not targeted at any specific branch of trade or industry, which results in a diversified portfolio of companies belonging to the fund’s capital group. Dariusz Gałęzewski and Dominik Doliński are natural persons who together, along with a third party, control the Krakow-based Oshee Polska brand, and its subsidiaries. The company produces and distributes functional food, in particular isotonic drinks, mineral water, and grain mill products.

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