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The new Odido brand shop, which celebrated its opening on 23 October 2021, was created as part of the retail franchise development project – Elevate. This is a new shop concept that is being developed in collaboration with Makro Polska, a chain that invests in the remodelling of local retail outlets. Under the Elevate programme, approximately 200 new Odido shops will be opened each year.

Odido brand shop, which was opened in Wrzaca, in the Lodzkie Voivodeship, is based on a new concept of local grocery shops, developed by Makro Poland. The store focuses on spacious aisles, clear navigation so that customers can easily find the products they are looking for, and an expanded range of food products. Customers can enjoy a wide selection of fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy and healthy food. The shop has also added an offer of regional cold meats and cheeses. Additionally, customers will be able to buy Costa coffee, which will be available at a special point.

The new Odido Elevate concept is not limited only to the range and appearance of the shop. Under the programme, outlets will be able to adapt to customer expectations, receive support from dedicated Odido advisers and conduct marketing activities, especially through Internet channels. Odido franchisees will also be able to benefit from training within the Akademia Handlu Detalicznego (Retail Academy), which will allow them to broaden their commercial knowledge. In the future, there will also be digital solutions, such as a shopping application, a system to manage sales and planograms, as well as facilities to support order processing.

As Dominik Branny, president of Makro Polska explains, the goal of the programme is to support independent entrepreneurs who, thanks to the solutions offered, may take their business to a higher level. The chain plans to open over 200 Odido shops per year, and the new point in Wrzaca is the beginning of a transformation in the Polish retail market. Marta Plakwicz, Franchise and Retail Development Director at Makro Polska, adds that the creation of so many new outlets each year is possible thanks to the modern approach to both assortment management and shop space planning. Moreover, as part of the Elevate programme, various solutions aimed at improving the functioning of the shops are tested and the best ones are implemented in the franchisees’ outlets.

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