Mamissima online store acquired by Modern Commerce

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The e-store with toys and accessories for children Mamissima, present on the market for over 10 years, in March this year was acquired by Modern Commerce, which took over nearly 51% of its shares. The support of the Group opens up new opportunities and chances for development.

The aim of the cooperation is to expand the activities of both companies by using innovative methods based on data science. The Mamissima shop offers products from over 200 brands – including toys, accessories, furniture, cosmetics, clothes, games, school supplies for children. For the company Modern Commerce is a great opportunity for growth, due to the expansion of the offer with products for children and electronic accessories. The online shop, thanks to this investment, will have over 33 thousand products available this year.

Modern solutions

We bet on the synergy of subsidiaries, resulting from the building of competencies within the Group. We are keen to scale individual businesses using modern solutions, based mainly on data science. Appropriate data collection and very accurate data analysis is to translate into precise advertising campaigns, in which every zloty spent will be assigned to the realised revenue – says Maciej Tygielski, board member of Modern Commerce.

This investment is to bring mutual benefits, which primarily include access to an expanded offer and familiarisation with new market segments. The entities which belong to the Group will also benefit, including the e-shop Złote Wyprzedaże. It will gain a new sales model, in which “flash sale” trading takes place through campaigns lasting several days.

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