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The awareness of what the BLW method is remains not great in Poland. In total, 21% of Poles surveyed by PMR (i.e. people who have purchased products for children in the last 12 months) knew it. In the group of parents and legal guardians of children under 12 years of age, the knowledge was higher at 34%.

BLW – baby likes to choose

The BLW method, baby-led weaning, or giving a child the opportunity to choose from several types of solid food, has its supporters, but they belong to a minority in Poland. The BLW method is based on the principles that a child does not eat porridge or jars dedicated to toddlers, but the solid food of his or her choice.

Income that differentiates more strongly than gender

Interestingly, women are only slightly more aware of the BLW method than men (22% compared to 19%). Knowledge of the method is greatest in the youngest age group (18-34, where it was 25%). Slightly more often urban than rural residents know it (3 p.p. difference). The knowledge of the method stronger increases with the level of education and income.

As the PMR survey shows, only 12% of people who know the BLW method use it as an exclusive form of feeding the child at a certain period of life. By far the most common (63% of indications) BLW is chosen to supplement feeding with products intended for children and/or breastfeeding. Among those who have bought food products specifically for children in the last year, nearly a quarter know the BLW method, but do not use it.

More about purchases for children in the latest PMR report: Children’s products retail market in Poland 2020.

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