First Take&Go store in Poznan

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On 10 September in Poznan the first Take&Go store was opened. This is a new format of unmanned grocery stores, developed by Surge Cloud. Thanks to advanced technological solutions, customers do not have to use self-service checkout – a special system connected with the Take&Go application in a smartphone does it for them.

Number of unmanned shops is growing

Take&Go is not the first unmanned shop in Poland – the first one was Bio Family Supermarket in Poznan, where since October 2018 you can shop around the clock – the shop is opened thanks to a special card or application and customers use automatic cash registers. However, Take&Go is distinguished by its technological advancement – it is a cashierless store. This solution is much closer to the American Amazon Go.

The opening of similar stores on the Polish market is also planned by, among others, Zabka. However, the chain does not plan to completely give up shop services. In return, the employees are to focus more on catering services.

The survey conducted by PMR in April 2019 for the purposes of the “Grocery retail market in Poland 2019” report shows that shops without cash registers and services are an interesting solution for 41% of consumers.

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