PMR: Gastronomic zones in galleries still popular

Wpis dostępny jest także w języku: polski

According to a survey conducted by PMR in January 2019, 93% of respondents (people using catering, catering or hotel services in the preceding quarter) visited a shopping mall in the last 3 months. Apart from shopping, visits to galleries are strongly connected with visits to the cinema.

On the occasion of visits to the shopping gallery, 78% of the respondents use catering facilities in these places. Younger and middle-aged people (up to 55 years old) as well as people with children eat more often in galleries.

The main reason why the respondents do not decide to use gastronomy in a shopping mall is simply the lack of such a need (53%). Aspects that effectively discourage eating in galleries are mainly crowding and preference for eating at home. An important piece of information is that 23% of respondents, if they prefer to eat in premises outside shopping malls.

People with higher salaries (also evaluating their financial situation better) who do not decide to eat in shopping malls are more often motivated by reasons related to discomfort (crowded, loud or unsatisfactory menu). People from this group also declare that they simply prefer to eat in a place outside the gallery.

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