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Glovo prepares to launch novelties on the Polish market. These include Glovo Concepts – private labels and Glovo Express delivery.

The coronavirus pandemic has majorly contributed to the growing popularity of delivery services. Glovo, which has been available in Poland for 2 years, has recently revealed that its application has been downloaded by more than 3 million people in the country, while the revenues for H1 2021 increased by 335% compared to the same period a year earlier. The company now operates in 77 locations in the country and wants to grow to 100 by the end of the year. Glovo thus recognizes Poland as an important market and plans to introduce a range of novelties.

One of the major investments will be the launch of the Glovo Express, which aims to cut the delivery time to 30 minutes maximum. This will however necessitate the construction of a network of dark stores. At the beginning of the year, Glovo entered into a partnership with Stoneweg, a real estate company, which invest €100m in the establishment of 175 micro-logistics centers in 16 countries, including Poland. The first such facilities will start operating in Poland already this summer, while the total plan, for now, includes six cities, including Warsaw, Cracow and Gdansk.

Glovo launches private labels

Glovo has also launched a range of private labels – Glovo Concepts, which is currently comprised of five brands – The Urban Kebab, Meraki Pita, Bendito Burrito, Taqueria Guadalupe and Milanesa House. The first markets to see this novelty are Italy and Spain, where the products are available in more than 200 restaurants, while Poland will join later this year.

The company wants to have Glovo Glovo Concepts available in more than a thousand restaurants in additional countries still in 2021, including Poland, Romania, Croatia, Portugal and Georgia. In turn, by 2022, Glovo Concepts is expected to be available in all markets where the company has a presence.

It is worth noting, that the local competitor – Bolt, also expressed similar ambitions in June this year. Specifically, the company announced the expansion of its operations to include instant food delivery in Poland. Bolt plans to open a network of dark stores located in large cities, allowing it to make deliveries in as little as 15 minutes.

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