Tough year for the craft beer, Pinta gearing up

Wpis dostępny jest także w języku: polski

In 2020, a challenging year for the craft beer segment, Pinta Brewery brewed 14% year on year more, i.e. 21 000 hectolitres of beer. In 2021, its production capacity is expected to reach 30,000 hectoliters during peak season.

The Wieprz-based brewery’s sales were driven by debuts, of which the brewery released 65 in 2020. In comparison, barely 28 beers were brewed in previous years. Almost 80% of the production was ale (top fermentation) beers, 13% – lagers (bottom fermentation), and almost 8% – sour beers, which are growing in popularity. According to the brewery’s plans, the proportions are to be maintained in 2021. Currently, 80-85% of Pinta Brewery’s sales is based on retail chains (where craft beers rotate more and more) and local stores.

Bright spot on a rather gloomy map

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, the beer industry was on a stable growth path and its tax revenues were estimated by the Association of Brewing Industry Polish Breweries at over PLN 11 billion annually. There were more craft breweries in the beer segment (by 47 in 2019 according to the Piwna Zwrotnica report) and premieres from the craft beer segment coming out (nearly 2,500 in 2019, as reported by Piwna Zwrotnica). The pandemic has taken a battering due to the closure of major channels (bars, restaurants, hotels), a collapse in consumer optimism, social distancing, cancellation of craft beer festivals and reduced tourism. As emphasized by the Polish Craft Brewers Association, craft breweries direct on average around 30% of their production to HoReCa, which is much more than in the case of large brewing concerns. And some of them operate solely on the basis of cooperation withHoReCa industry.

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