PMR: Dicounters overtake bakeries in American-style donuts category

American style donuts

Wpis dostępny jest także w języku: polski

The traditional Polish filled doughnuts remain highly popular in Poland as a snack or breakfast alternative.

In November 2020 PMR surveyed a representative sample of Poles about their purchasing of grab-and-go foods. Here are some of our key findings regarding baked snacks. Asked whether they purchased any sweet or savoury baked snack within the last six months, fully 90% of our respondents answered in the affirmative. We then asked this group to indicate specifically what baked snacks they buy. Around 90% indicated yeast rolls (a traditional sweet treat), pączki (the traditional Polish doughnut), and sweet buns. Savoury baked snacks and croissants, while not as popular, are widely consumed, too: 76% and 72% indicated them, respectively.

And where do Poles buy their baked snacks?

Our survey shows that bakeries/pastry shops remain the number one channel, despite their declining numbers in recent years; but that discount grocers are seriously encroaching on their turf, especially in smaller towns and in less traditional product categories. Thus, 65% of respondents mentioned bakery/pastry shop as a place in which they buy yeast rolls, and 60% pączki. The numbers for discount grocery stores were just under 50% for both products. But among residents of smaller towns, the proportion who buy pączki in discount grocery stores shoots up to as high as 61%.  And when it comes to croissants, muffins, or American-style donuts, already more Poles buy them in discount grocery stores than in bakeries/pastry shops.

Frequency of purchasing sweet and savory baked snacks in Polans

For more information please see PMR report: Food to Go retail market in Poland 2020/2021.

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A senior analyst with ten years of specialisation in the retail market in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe. Areas of specializations: clothing and footwear retail market, HoReCa market, and children’s products market.

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