Maspex wants to acquire CEDC


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As a result of signing a conditional agreement with Roust Corporation, the Maspex group will be able to take over the CEDC subsidiary. As a result of this transaction, Maspex will have a chance to become a leader in the Polish spirits market. However, for the acquisition to take place, the companies must receive the approval of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

CEDC is a subsidiary of Roust Corporation, which distributes spirits in Poland and is an importer of foreign spirits. The company’s quantitative share on the Polish market amounts to 47%. CEDC’s offer includes such vodka brands as Zubrowka, Soplica, Absolwent and Bols, as well as wine brands Carlo Rossi, Barefoot, and Gancia. Additionally, the company is a distributor of coloured spirits, including Grant’s, Jȁgermeister, Aperol and Remy Martin.

The company carries out production in its Oborniki and Białystok plants, and its sales in 2020 reached PLN 5.7bn. CEDC’s products appear in almost 100 countries, although less than 10% of the company’s sales relate to foreign markets.

Maspex on the spirits market

After the takeover, Maspex wants to invest in creating a modern production background, which will be possible thanks to the competencies of CEDC’s employees. According to Krzysztof Pawiński, co-owner and CEO of Maspex Group, the new takeover, which is already the company’s 20th acquisition, will allow Maspex to double its turnover. Thanks to the transaction, the iconic Polish brands will belong to one company, and this will strengthen Maspex’ position on the market. It will also enable the creation of the largest Polish grocery group, whose turnover may even reach PLN 11bn.

As Roustam Tariko, the main shareholder and CEO of CEDC explains, since 2013, the company has almost doubled its market share in volume terms, starting from 22.7% and reaching 47% in 2021. In his opinion, the company is currently the leader in the Polish market, and it is due to the increase of the company’s value that Roust Corporation decided to accept the offer to sell CEDC to Maspex Group.

The total value of the alcoholic beverages market last year amounted to over 39 billion PLN, while the sale of vodka alone amounted to over PLN 13bn and accounted for 34% of the market.

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