McDonald’s Poland: No more plastic toys and wege burgers

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The introduction of a plant burger and the withdrawal of plastic toys from the Happy Meal children’s sets are the changes that McDonald’s in Poland will face in the next few years. Adam Pienkowski, President of the company, talks to Business Insider about development plans on the Polish market.

Plastic toys will disappear from Happy Meal

In 2014, it has been calculated that 1.5 billion plastic toys are being sold annually through Happy Meal sets. This may change soon, because McDonald’s, like probably all companies on the market, reduces plastic consumption and wants to be more eco-friendly. Already now customers have a choice and instead of a toy they can opt for a children’s booklet.

But the goal is to eliminate plastic completely. Tests of this concept are already underway in some European markets. In Poland this is to happen in about 2-3 years. At the moment it is not yet clear what will replace plastic toys – whether they will be booklets, application game codes or other solutions.

Wege burgers – yes, but not this year

This is not the only pro-ecological operation of the network. Since the beginning of 2020, plastic straws are no longer used in McDonald’s stores (they were replaced by 100% paper ones). As Adam Pienkowski emphasises, the chain is working on a method of full recycling of used paper packaging in order to create a closed circuit, for example to produce toilet paper from them.

It is also possible that in the next few years, McDonald’s restaurants will have plant buggers. There is a strong trend in the market to move away from beef, due to the growing proportion of vegetarians and the negative impact of cow husbandry on greenhouse gas emissions. Such products are already available in the United States or Canada. They are to be tested in Poland soon, but it will not be in 2020.

For more information see PMR report: HoReCa market in Poland 2020.

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