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A new e-commerce platform for B2B customers from the CEE region – merXu – made its debut on the market. One of the creators of the platform is Przemysław Budkowski, former president of Allegro.

B2B market also enters e-commerce

MerXu is a new trading platform dedicated to companies providing services for B2B sector. Thanks to it, both small, medium and large entities can trade goods from non-consumer categories such as chemistry, construction, electrical engineering, installations, industrial products, health and safety and tools for professionals. The main goal of the platform is to facilitate trade between companies in the CEE region. MerXu is equipped with a communicator with the possibility of current translation of messages into local languages of potential partners.

The MerXu project is supported by a team of experienced managers who have been successfully developing the e-commerce market in Poland and other countries of the region for several years. One of the originators of the new platform is Przemysław Budkowski, former president of Allegro companies. The group also includes Tomasz Nowak and Sebastian Pietrowski (former Allegro employees), Piotr Nowjalis (former CFO of CCC), Vaclav Liska (CEO of the Czech Aukro) and Toomas R. Raist (former CEO of Estonian Osta).

MerXu already operates in five countries

The merXu platform has many applications. One of them is the ability to upload the entire structure of a given organization. Thanks to it, companies with a wide range of products can present their products online, and potential customers can search for products not only by name, but also by identification number (EAN) and according to their needs. MerXu is not limited to wholesale trade only. Goods can also be purchased in single copies. There is also a possibility to request specific goods, and sellers can respond to them themselves.

As the authors of the new platform admit, merXu will be systematically supplemented with new solutions. It is also planned to offer solutions from outside of the purchasing sphere itself. One of such solutions is to be legal aid, tax and financial services like factoring, trade credit.

The platform is already operating in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Estonia and is available in local languages. In the coming months merXu plans to expand its operations to other markets in the CEE region.

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