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OBI has launched new initiatives aimed at encouraging customers to implement their own interior design ideas with the use of OBI’s products. Not only has OBI created additional channels of communication with customers, but it has also launched a new subbrand Create by OBI.

The chain decided on a marketing change, complementing its logo with a new slogan: “You will do it with OBI”. The logo now aims to encourage customers to put their own ideas for interior design into practice. It also works as a reminder that it is in OBI where customers will find products that will help them create and decorate their dream spaces. The new advertising slogan will be used in all the countries where OBI has its branches.

Create by OBI – a novelty on the DIY market

Another idea of OBI is to launch a new subbrand. Create by OBI is supposed to be an innovative approach to Do-It-Yourself projects and a novelty on the DIY market. The new concept is to encourage customers to build individual decor elements on their own, both the more complicated ones, such as beds, sofas or bookcases, and simpler ones, such as lamps or photo frames. The customers will be able to find detailed information about particular projects on the website, where they will find a list of necessary elements and assembly instructions. The customers will be able to adjust all the available projects to their needs, e.g. by changing colours or adding decorations. Create by OBI allows the customers to choose two options of implementing their ideas. The first one is the “Do it yourself” option, which allows customers to assemble and decorate the product on their own. The second option is ‘Shop the look’, where customers will be able to stock up on ready-made product sets to create their chosen interior design style.

According to Tomasz Starczynowski, OBI’s Sales Director, the changes are the answer to the customers’ expectations. In the new OBI offer, everyone will find something for themselves, regardless of age or interests. The chain wants to share inspiring ideas for new interiors and encourage both customers who prefer ready-made solutions and DIY enthusiasts who are eager to create their own furniture.

For more information see the latest PMR report: “DIY retail in Poland 2021”.

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