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Packing an important part of online shopping

dziewczyna z laptopem na kolanach

When buying products – also on the Internet – more and more Poles pay attention to the way they are packaged. The tolerance to plastic abuse is decreasing among consumers. This trend is also supported by European legislation to prevent plastic pollution.

Decreasing tolerance to plastic packing

Due to changing consciousness, tolerance for abuse of disposable plastic is decreasing. Consumers are increasingly paying attention not only to the products they buy and the materials they are made of, but also to their packaging, including how they pack them when they ship. The zero waste philosophy also contributes to the promotion of new, more environmentally friendly solutions.

To meet consumers’ expectations, retailers implements changes in this area, including packaging in the spirit of zero/less waste. Thus, the leader of the clothing market LPP, points out that online purchases of Reserved and Mohito brands, which go to customers, are packed in a recycled cardboard box.

What is more, the leader of the online clothing and footwear market, Zalando, in the middle of the year announced a total resignation from plastic bags for cosmetic. This change will reduce the consumption of plastic by almost 9.5 thousand kilograms per year. Also, by 2020, the company announces the complete replacement of packaging materials with the ecological ones, 100% comes from recycling.

An example of an interesting solution is also the Hangerpak project, invented by an American designer. Which means, instead of buying hangers, we could use a cardboard box in which the ordered package arrives.

The European Union fights against plastic packaging

In addition, the European Parliament has fought to reduce plastic abuse by deciding to ban the use of disposable plastic in the European Union. It is to be replaced by environmentally friendly substances by 2021. Over the next four years, plastic packaging for which there are no substitutes will be halved. This trend is expected to intensify in the coming years and will be positively influenced by the growing environmental awareness of consumers and retailers.

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Will Poles hunt for a deal on Black Friday or Cyber Monday?

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Sebastian Pawłowski has been working in the IT industry since 2002. He is a graduate of the Gdańsk University of Technology, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Automation. He has many years of experience in the IT market, in sales, implementation and maintenance of IT projects.

So far, he has held the position of Vice-President of Komputronik Biznes and President of Movity, the subsidiaries of Komputronika. He took over the position after Krzysztof Nowak, who resigned from his position. He gave personal reasons for his resignation. At the same time, he will continue to be the company’s CFO.

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InPost, the largest logistics operator in Poland, has concluded a direct agreement for the handling of deliveries and orders with AliExpress, a platform from the Alibaba Group. Thus, it became a strategic partner for AliExpress in Poland.

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The shop offers 250 types of fresh products (vegetables, fruits, meat, fish), as well as 2,200 packaged products. The assortment of the Carrefour BIO store also includes 250 products of the Carrefour BIO private label. Apart from over 150 m2 of retail space, there…

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