Parenting Index: Is it easy to raise a child in Poland?

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Poland was among 16 countries in the world where a survey on the challenges of raising children was conducted. Nestlé publishes the results of the Parenting Index report.

Sweden on the podium, Poland in the middle

Sweden ranks highest as the country where parents “have it easiest”. It got 75 out of a possible 100 points, ahead of the next country on the list by as many as 17 points. Chile takes the top spot, followed by Germany in third place.

Poland is in 8th place with a score of 50. During the survey, parents indicated both positive areas of life related to raising a child in our country and those in which they would like to have more support. Poland scores particularly well on indicators such as low pressure, feeling confident in the role of parent, and seeing their child as a “problem-free child”. In these categories, Poland ranks in the top five globally. On other levels, however, parents surveyed perceive a need for support, especially in the area of health care and in economic terms.

Pressure – internal and external

According to the Parenting Index, the pressure parents feel is the biggest common problem, regardless of location. This is partly internal – parents want to maintain high parenting standards, and often feel unprepared for the realities of being a parent, resulting in more compromises being made than anticipated. Interestingly, Polish parents fare better than average in this regard and are more likely to feel confident in their role as a caregiver.

62% of all respondents of the Parenting Index report admit that raising a child has a major impact on their family’s financial situation. Poland is one of the countries where parents’ sense of financial stability is increasing, yet this factor is still the one that parents feel has room for improvement. Similarly, public medical care is also a challenge for them. Although they seem more satisfied with the private one, they also emphasise its costliness.

Support in working life

In Germany, Sweden, Poland, Romania and the United Kingdom, women enjoy the longest maternity leave. It turns out, however, that its length does not go hand in hand with parental satisfaction. Of these five countries, only people in Sweden and Romania are satisfied with the length of their maternity leave. Germany and the United Kingdom are the least satisfied. Poland is in the middle of the list.

The Parenting Index is based on data from a survey conducted by Kantar between 14.01-27.02.2020 in 16 countries on a nationally representative sample of parents of children aged 0-12 months. The first wave included 8,045 interviews and the second wave included 900 interviews.

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