Pepco wants to go public on the WSE

Pepco storefront

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Pepco Group, owner of the Pepco, Poundland and Dealz chains, is planning to debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in the coming months. Originally, the debut was to take place in London, but due to the number of discounters on the Polish market, Warsaw was chosen.

Already in November 2019, the group announced that it was exploring a number of strategic options, including an IPO (Initial Public Offering), which is the first public offering of securities. Unfortunately, the pandemic thwarted the plans and only now the first information about the actions taken has appeared. The debut is linked to the current situation on the financial markets, namely record demand from investors.

The company is currently valued at USD 6 billion, while the British media report a figure of USD 5.4 billion. As it turns out, this could be the biggest share offering this year.

Growth of non-food discount chains

According to a PMR study, in May 2020 the number of non-food discount stores will be 1,900, with more than 100 net locations of this type of chain expanding annually. Pepco has long been positioned as the leader in this segment. It is present in 15 countries and has a total of over 3 200 outlets worldwide, while in Poland it had over 1 000 locations at the end of 2020. Nearly 9 out of 10 Poles declare that they know this chain.

The second place was taken by the KiK chain, which in 2020 could boast 350 outlets in Poland, and its goal for the near future is to reach 650 shops in our country. Also in the lead are chains such as TXM, Action, Dealz and Tedi.

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