Personnel changes in cosmetic networks


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At the end of November this year there were personnel changes in two cosmetic networks. In Drogerie Natura, the personnel changes took up managerial and managerial positions. On the other hand, in Kontigo network, the General Manager has changed.

Drogerie Natura with director changes

Sales Director, HR Director and Store Development Manager for own and agency stores. These positions in the Drogerie Natura network have undergone personnel changes. As the cosmetics chain emphasises, three professionals in their fields have joined the management team.

Carlos Oliveira, former Director of Category Management at Jeronimo Martins Poland, became the new commercial director of the chain. Leadership skills and experience in development-oriented management and management of a number of categories is to help build a long-term commercial strategy of the Drogerie Natura network.

The person responsible for the HR department will be Agata Shen, who for the last 11 years was associated with Avon Cosmetics Polska. She held the position of HR Director Poland. “Her impressive practice and professional experience gained over the last 14 years in two organizations, on seven European markets, guarantees the maintenance of high standard of activities in the area of HR strategy”. – emphasizes Drogerie Natura.

Małgorzata Stelmaszczyk-Piasecka, on the other hand, was chosen to the position of manager for development of own and agency stores. For the last 8 years she worked for Drogerie Jasmin, where she held the position of franchise manager. In the Drogerie Natura network, she will be responsible for continuing the strategy of opening stores in new locations.

Change of Kontigo strategy

Big changes took place in the Kontigo drugstore. The chain decided to withdraw from its franchise project adopted in 2018. This decision is mainly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and temporary closure of shopping centers. Kontigo currently wants to focus on the opening of agency stores.

In October there was also a personal change in the cosmetic network. Karolina Kulinek-Łatka became the new General Manager. In this position, she replaced Rita Amaral, who had held this position since the network was established.

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