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After 10 years, one of the first Polish portals for ordering food online disappears from the market. was taken over by Glovo a year ago, and the process of data migration has just finished, according to the Wiadomości Handlowe. was established in 2010. In 2017, it was transferred to AmRest. Two years later, it was purchased by Glovo, not very well known in Poland at that time, for 30 million euro. Last year was a period of very fast development of Glovo on the Polish market. As we informed earlier, at the beginning of June the number of Glovo app downloads in App Store and Google Play in Poland exceeded 1 million. More about application development in Poland can be read here.

The acquisition of by Glovo took place in 2019, but the data migration process was completed only recently. Therefore, currently the brand is disappearing from the market and will be completely replaced by Glovo. User accounts from will not be automatically transferred to Glovo, but they will receive a PLN 15 discount when downloading the new application.

All previously available restaurants will not only be active on Glovo, but they will also be joined by more places, extending the existing offer. The new service will include large chains such as McDonald’s, KFC, or Pizza Hut and smaller, local restaurants.


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