PMR: 38% of cosmetics buyers browse blogs on the subject

Wpis dostępny jest także w języku: polski

According to a PMR study conducted in January 2019, 38% of cosmetics buyers browse blogs or video-blogs on topics related to visage or care. Definitely more often declare browsing women’s blogs (44% vs. 25% of declarations among men), more often young people up to 34 years of age (50%). On the other hand, every fourth person observes through social media one of the brands associated with cosmetics (26%). More often these are people up to the age of 34 (33%).

The development of blogs and video blogs, which popularize the art of visage, makes Polish women more willing to use cosmetics used until recently almost exclusively by professionals (e.g. eyebrow make-up). Depending on the adopted criteria, the rankings of beauty blogs in Poland differ from each other. However, they often include:,,,,, Red Lipstick Monster’s youtube channel has nearly 1.3 million subscribers. Cooperation with bloggers has been established by Avon and Oriflame, among others.

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