PMR report: High-price segment with 15% share in the fashion market

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The share of the higher price segment in fashion market is growing. In recent years, this segment has recorded a rise of 2 p.p., reaching a 15% market share. The strengthening of this segment is driven, among others, by the increased availability of premium brands in Poland and the growing popularity of multi-brand concepts offering premium fashion.

According to PMR’s data, the share of the high-price segment of the Polish clothing and footwear market will amount to 15% in 2020, and by 2025 we forecast a gradual increase to an over 16% market share.

In turn, in recent years (2016-2019), the segment recorded an increase of 2 p.p. The development of this market segment is positively influenced by such factors as growing disposable income, translating into higher spending on more expensive fashion products, greater consumer awareness, interest in luxury brands and attractiveness of the Polish market to international brands.

Poland an attractive market for premium brands

In 2019, the Vitkac fashion house alone introduced 20 new premium brands to its offer. Last year, such brands as Red Valentino, Chloe or Dolce & Gabbana also had their debut in Warsaw. Moreover, one of the more spectacular launches was the Hermes fashion house, which in November 2019 decided to open its first shop in Poland in the Hotel Europejski on the outskirts of the Old Town in Warsaw.

Strengthening of the upper-price segment is also influenced by the growing importance of such concepts as Zalando, Zalando Lounge,, or new ones such as Modivo, which make it easier for consumers to access premium brands not available in Poland.

It is also worth noting that the high-end men’s and women’s fashion segment is dominated by Polish clothing companies. Still, in principle, there is hardly any upper-price offer available in the country compared to Western European markets. Luxury brands are present mainly in the capital city. They also tend to appear in outlet stores, although for the time being this is a phenomenon of limited scale.


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