PMR Report: Second-hand products popular in the sport equipment and sportswear segment

Wpis dostępny jest także w języku: polski

Internet auction platforms, which are very popular in Poland, are also conducive to the purchase of second-hand products. Purchase of used sportswear, sports shoes, accessories or equipment is declared by every fifth person surveyed by PMR in October 2020.

The sex of the respondents was not a differentiating factor here. A similar number of indications was declared by inhabitants of rural locations and towns. On the other hand, it can be observed that the respondents who declare a higher frequency of purchasing sports products are also more likely to use second-hand goods. In the group of the respondents buying sports products at least once a month, every third person happens to buy second-hand products.

Of those declaring such purchases, 65% bought used sports equipment. Sportswear was indicated by almost half as many respondents and sports accessories by a third of them.

OLX is the first choice when buying second-hand products

The most frequent place for these purchases turned out to be trading platforms: OLX (62%) and Allegro (53%). Next, the respondents declared purchases directly from friends, second-hand clothing stores, internet fora, consignment shops, notice boards. Single mentions were noted also for the Vinted application and a local bike service point.

For more information, see the PMR report: Sports goods and sportswear market in Poland 2020.

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