PMR report: Who buys sports nutritions?

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In previous years, the sports nutrition market in Poland grew quite dynamically. Its growth was supported by the expansion of sports infrastructure and the fashion for healthy lifestyles, which translated into an increase in the number of Poles practising sport. After a good 2019 year for the industry, the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions introduced in response to it, broke the positive trend and in 2020, according to PMR estimates, the market shrank by 5% year-on-year.

Usage of sports nutritions most popular among…

According to the latest survey carried out by PMR, the most popular kinds of sports enjoyed by those who use nutritional products for athletes are: cycling, rollerblading and skateboarding (46%), and these are followed by running (42%), and fitness, gymnastics and aerobics (38%).

The survey was carried out by PMR in September 2020 on a targeted sample of 830 adult Poles who bought sport supplements in 2019 (before the coronavirus pandemic) or 2020.

Value of the sports nutrition market

The market of sports nutrition for athletes in Poland is thought to have been worth PLN 325m (€76m) in 2019, according to PMR’s latest report, entitled “Sports nutrition market in Poland 2020. Market analysis and development prospects”. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and related restrictions in the form of the closure of gyms and fitness clubs will, along with other restrictions, have a negative effect on the market.

In addition, the beginning of 2021 has also been difficult for the market, as gyms and fitness clubs are due to remain closed, it is not stated when the restrictions on their operation will be removed. Furthermore, it is still not certain when the restriction on sports facilities will be lifted. The COVID-19 vaccination programme in Poland is ongoing, and the number of confirmed daily COVID-19 cases is slowly falling, but the government has not yet decided to ease the restrictions in question.

Methodological notes:

The value of the market presented in the report is understood to represent the value of sales of products presented as nutrition for physically active people of varying legal status: e.g., dietary supplements or other foodstuffs, including products previously referred to as dietary foods for special nutritional purposes. Market value refers to retail sales via online channels (stores, online pharmacies and sales platforms) and physical establishments (specialist nutrition shops, sports establishments, stores in shopping centres, grocery stores and pharmacies).

More information in PMR report: “Sports nutrition market in Poland 2020. Market analysis and development prospects”.

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