PMR survey: 90% of Poles buy dry food for their dog


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Dry food is by far the most frequently purchased food product for dogs by Poles. Over 90% of those surveyed by PMR declared that they had bought such a product in the three months preceding the survey.

Dental products for dogs not very popular

When buying dry food, there is no clear differentiation between buyers due to sociodemographic characteristics. It is worth noting that within each group no less than 82% of buyers declared to buy such a product. The second most popular food product for a dog is wet food. In the three months preceding the survey, six out of 10 respondents of PMR purchased wet food.

Nearly 50% of the respondents also buy treats for their dogs. Only every fifth, dental supplies. In the case of these two groups of products, there is clearly greater popularity (but also awareness) among certain groups. The delicacies are bought by 55% of urban residents, but only 39% of rural residents. In case of dental products, the advantage of the city over the village is 24% to 17%. The percentage of buyers of such products also increases with the level of education and income.


Dry food: very small or very large packages

In the case of dog food, the polarity of buyers is clearly visible. Among dry food buyers, both small and large packages are popular. A significant percentage of Poles prefer small packages: 27% indicated that they bought food in 2 kg packs and another 22% in 3-3.5 kg packs. This may be related to short-term purchases on the one hand, and on the other hand to the type of dog and its eating habits (less demand). On the other hand, 26% of Poles buy dry food in 15 or 18 kg packs.

In the case of wet food, eight out of 10 respondents decide on a canned product. Half of the respondents (42%) choose a product in a sachet. Only one in 20 decides to buy in a dedicated bowl.

Coronavirus has changed shopping habits

As we have already written many times, the coronavirus pandemic has contributed to a very dynamic development of the e-commerce channel. It is visible in all its segments, also in the case of dog food. In the first half of 2020, the Allegro portal purchased 1.8 million products from the category “For dogs” for a total of PLN 63.5m. For comparison, in the whole of 2019, gross purchases in this category amounted to PLN 71m (1.9 million units), according to TradeWatch data.

Clear increases can also be seen in the “Dog food” category itself. In the first half of 2020, 10,000 products in this category were purchased through Allegro for PLN 0.5m. Interestingly, the average price of the product increased significantly and amounted to nearly PLN 50. It is therefore clear that during the lockdown and subsequent trade restrictions, Poles preferred to buy large product packages over the Internet.

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