PMR survey: Decorations and tools are most-purchased types of garden products

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Of the Poles who purchased garden products in the 12 months to January 2020, 63% bought decorations, such as flower pots, fences, ponds, or sculpted ornaments. An identical percentage bought garden tools, according to a survey by PMR.


Decorations, tools top list of most-purchased garden items

More than 50% of Poles surveyed by PMR in January 2020 stated that they purchased garden products – a broad category that covers e.g. tools, plants, seeds, soils, flower pots, ponds, swimming pools, lawnmowers, garden furniture, outdoor BBQ grills, etc. – in the 12 months prior to the interview. When asked to specify what garden products they had purchased, decorations and tools topped the list, both mentioned by 63%.

The percentage who purchased garden tools was higher than average among men (71%), respondents aged 35-54 years (69%), those with below secondary education (79%), respondents from the largest households (69%), and those whose net household income per capita was PLN 2,000-3,000 (€448-672) per month (73%).

No significant gender differences were found for purchases of garden decorations.


One in three bought garden furniture

Just over a third of the Poles who bought garden products in 2019 – 34% – purchased garden furniture, our study found. The percentage who bought garden furniture was higher than average among men (41%, compared to 30% among women) and the youngest age group, i.e. people aged 18-34 years (40%, compared to 26% among those aged over 55 years). On the other hand, place of residence played no part, with an identical 34% of both urban and rural dwellers reporting having bought garden furniture.


Purchases of garden products are planned in advance

We also asked our respondents whether their purchases had been planned in advance, or whether they were spontaneous, unplanned buys. We found that for each type of garden product, a significant majority of buyers had planned their purchases. Their share was particularly high in the case of garden furniture, at 80%. (It rose to 91% among buyers of garden furniture with below secondary education, and 93% among buyers from the smallest households, with 1-2 members).

Garden decorations were the category in which the share of buyers who bought on impulse was highest, at 41%. Interestingly, the percentage was higher among male buyers (48%) than female ones.

Products from garden category bought by Poles

Full analysis in PMR: Retail Insight Poland.

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Justyna Zagórska

Senior Analyst, PMR

A specialist in retail market analysis in Poland, co-author of reports such as HoReCa market in Poland 2020, Private label retail market in Poland 2019, DIY retail in Poland 2020. She also has experience in analysis of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector in Poland.

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