PMR survey: One third of Poles buy private label household appliances/RTV

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According to a PMR survey conducted on a representative sample of Poles in November/December 2020, one third of respondents buy household appliances/RTV or electronics under private labels.

This category of private label products is far behind food products, cosmetics or clothing, which are purchased by more than half of the respondents. On the other hand, the representative sample survey shows that private label home appliances/RTV or electronics are more popular than sports equipment, tools, baby products or alcohol.

Heavy-users of private labels buy more often

In a purposive sample survey among people who claim to buy private label products (also conducted in December 2020), PMR asked respondents about the frequency of purchases in each category. In the last month preceding the survey, private label household appliances/RTV or electronics were purchased by one in ten respondents (8%). Such purchases were made more frequently by men, people aged 35-54, city residents and people from the lowest income group (net monthly income up to PLN 2,000).

Interestingly, the percentage of indications was much higher among those who regularly buy private label products – 14% of those who buy private label products in general with every or almost every purchase made such a purchase during the last month. This may mean that those who know and trust private label products well, when the need arises in this category, look for the products they need within the private label offer.

Two thirds buy rarely or not at all

As in the case of most other product categories analyzed, private label household appliances/RVs or electronics are more frequently purchased by persons with children – 11% of last month’s purchases were made by persons with children up to and including 12 years of age living in their household.

A quarter of respondents bought private label household appliances/RTVs or electronics more than 6 months ago. Due to the nature of such products it is natural that they are not purchased regularly, but rather when a specific need arises. At the same time, four in ten respondents do not buy private label products in this category at all.

For more information, please see PMR report about Private label retail market in Poland 2020/2021.


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