PMR survey: Poles do not trust private label alcoholic beverages

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According to a survey conducted by PMR in December 2020 on a representative sample of Poles, less than one fifth of respondents buy private label alcohol. The results of the survey are differentiated by gender and age.

According to a PMR survey, only 18% of Poles buy private label alcohol. This is the lowest percentage of all the surveyed product categories. In comparison, in the case of food products, cosmetics or clothes, private labels are purchased by over half of the respondents. Own label alcohol shopping is correlated with gender (17% women and 20% men) and age. In case of age, the declaration of purchases is definitely lower among people 50+ – about 12%, compared to 22-23% in the other age groups.

40% of Poles do not buy own brand spirits

In a purposive sample survey of those who say they purchase private label products (also conducted in December 2020), the percentage indicating they purchased alcohol was only slightly higher than in the representative sample survey at 21%. Importantly, over the past month, 23% of respondents purchased private label alcohol – higher than the average. One may risk a statement that this kind of products are regularly purchased by a specific group of clients. On the other hand it is a product chosen occasionally in general (10-15% indications for other time intervals).

At the same time, four out of 10 respondents do not buy this type of private label product at all. This percentage is even higher in the group that buys private labels occasionally, from time to time.

For more information, please see PMR report about Private label retail market in Poland 2020/2021.


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