PMR survey: Six out of 10 Poles bought small household appliances

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According to the PMR survey, in the last 12 months preceding the survey, about 60% of Poles purchased small domestic appliances. This category includes pots, baking molds, food containers, jars, cutlery, plates and kitchen articles. Such purchases were made more often than average by women, people aged 35-54, city residents and people with higher education.

Over 60% of women have bought food containers

The highest percentage of respondents in the year preceding the survey purchased pots or baking trays – seven in 10 respondents. In the case of this group of products, it is interesting to note that there is no significant differentiation according to gender (71% of women compared to 4 p.p. less men) and place of residence (difference 2 p.p. in favour of rural areas). Such products are by far the most frequently purchased by older people – in the case of people aged 55 and more the percentage of indications was 78%, compared to 59% among people aged 18-34. Also education does not significantly differ in the frequency of purchasing pots or baking tins; in the case of lower, secondary or higher education, the percentage of indications in particular groups differed by up to 5 percentage points.

The second most frequently purchased group of small household products were food containers. In the 12 months preceding the survey, such products were purchased by nearly 60% of the respondents. Interestingly, unlike pots and pans, in the case of these products, the survey revealed significant differences between men and women, 64% compared to 47% of indications respectively. Significant differences also occur in the case of respondents’ education. Among people with lower education, only about 40% of respondents declared that they had purchased such products within the last 12 months, which may be related to a different character of running a household and the work they do (e.g. no packing of their own take-away food for consumption in the office).

small house hold appliances PMR survey

Poles do not buy small appliances spontaneously

Approximately 50% of the respondents bought glasses or plates/bowl in the past year. The PMR survey also shows that the majority of respondents plan to buy small household appliances in advance. As many as six out of 10 Poles plan to buy plates, bowls or cutlery. This may be due to the fact that for this type of products the offer available on the market is very wide and many consumers want to compare products of different manufacturers in terms of price or design. Also in the case of pots and pans, about 60% of respondents plan such a purchase in advance. For this type of product, the purchase is based on a specific need.

As a counterbalance, food containers are purchased spontaneously by most Poles. Here, a small price of the product, its small size (the purchase does not usually require large storage space) or numerous promotions in grocery stores (e.g. in discount stores) may be important.

More information in the PMR weekly: Retail Insight Poland.

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