PMR survey: Who buys private label sports goods?

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Sports equipment and accessories are not very popular product categories bought under private labels. According to a survey conducted by PMR in December 2020, less than 30% of Poles buy this type of products.

n a representative sample survey, 25% of respondents declared that they purchased private label sporting goods (equipment and accessories, excluding clothing and footwear). Gender is not a significant differentiating factor, unlike age. This is due to the fact that younger people in general are more often involved in sports. Sports articles of private brands are purchased by 38% of Poles aged up to 24 and only 16% of those aged 50+. The percentage of declarations also increases with the level of education and is slightly higher among residents of rural areas than of cities (difference of 3 p.p.).

Private label sporting goods a rare choice

PMR also conducted a survey on a targeted sample of private label purchasers to gain a better understanding of the purchasing habits of this consumer group. Private label sporting goods are purchased by about one fifth of people who declare that they buy private labels in total. Only electronics and alcohol recorded lower percentages (we wrote more about the latter two categories here and here).

Every tenth respondent had purchased private label sports products in the last month prior to the survey. However, it should be taken into account that the survey date (December) may have had a negative impact on the percentage of indications in this category. Therefore, another 12% made a purchase 2-3 months ago, but as many as 15% indicated their last purchase 3-6 months earlier, and as many as 22 – more than six months back.

We buy for children more often

Importantly, among households with children under 12, private label sporting goods and equipment are purchased by 28% of respondents (compared to 19% overall). On the other hand, such individuals buy private label products more frequently. About 12% have made a purchase in the last month (9% overall), and 31%, compared to 42% overall, do not buy this type of product at all.

It can be assumed that a significant proportion of private label sports products purchased are intended for use by children. In another survey carried out by PMR in September 2020 among people buying sporting goods, only 14% of respondents had never bought such products for children. About 30%, on the other hand, have shopped within the last month.

More information in the PMR report: Private label retail market in Poland 2020/2021.


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