Pre-owned: Zalando introduces second-hand clothes in Poland

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Zalando has just launched a new Pre-owned category in Poland. Within this category, second-hand branded clothes can be sold and purchased. The platform’s activities perfectly fit into the growing trend of giving second life to products, which we have written about in more detail here.

The Pre-owned method is simple. A user interested in selling chooses up to 20 products she/he would like to sell. Together with the photos, they are placed in a virtual dressing room and – after the valuation and preliminary approval – sent to Zalando. There, the quality of the products is confirmed for the second time and if everything is OK, they are bought by Zalando. Any rejected items are sent back to the seller or, after approval, donated to charity.

In return, the seller receives a gift card for use in the service or can support the Red Cross or the WeForest organisation with the funds received. The service is 100% free of charge, users do not bear the cost of shipping or return.

Zalando is responsible for product sales

What is important in this scheme is that Zalando, not the seller, takes the risk of selling the product. The platform informs that it sells clothes “in the right season through the best possible sales channel”. This means sales via the internet as well as in stationary outlets. What is more, it also means that no customer-customer sales are offered, as is the case on OLX trading platforms. All Pre-owned items are sold by Zalando Zircle.

Through Pre-owned it is possible to sell both items previously purchased at Zalando as well as other items, provided that they meet quality criteria. The items must be as new as possible. In addition, underwear, swimwear, children’s clothing, basic clothing (regular monochrome shirts) or jewellery, scarves or hats are not accepted under Pre-owned.

Currently, the category is available for women and men, although in February 2020, headquarters announced that it would also include children’s clothing. At the time of preparation of this article, the Pre-owned section already included over 20,000 women’s and over 2,000 men’s products.

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