President of Dino resigns

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In agreement with the Management Board and the Supervisory Board, Szymon Piduch resigned from the position of President and from his membership in the Management Board of Dino Polska. In addition, he received a proposal to join the Supervisory Board of the company.

Szymon Piduch resigns as President of Dino

Dino Polska announced that on May 8 2020, its current CEO, Szymon Piduch, handed in his resignation from the position of CEO and membership in the company’s Management Board. This was done in consultation with the Management Board and Supervisory Board. As stated in the announcement, the resignation is justified by the planned transition of Szymon Piduch to the company’s Supervisory Board. The proposal to become a Member of the Supervisory Board of Dino Polska was submitted by Tomasz Biernacki. Tomasz Biernacki is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the company and its main shareholder.

Szymon Piduch has held the position of the President of the Management Board of Dino since 2010, and has been associated with the company since 2002.

At the end of March 2020, Dino supermarket chain consisted of 1,257 stores (open and pending). In 2019, sales revenues of Dino Polska S.A. amounted to PLN 7.6 billion, an increase of 31% y/y.

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