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Cash is a thing of the past. We are increasingly willing to make payments using mobile services. These activities have forced retailers to implement new solutions in this area. Rossmann and Empik networks have launched the possibility of self-scanning products.

Rossmann launches with the Rossman Go application

Rossmann GO is a new way of shopping, using the possibility of making mobile payments. The application consists in the fact that the customer enters the drugstore, selects the products he is interested in and then scans their barcodes with his smartphone. The whole process takes place without the need to transfer the products to the cash register and direct contact with the seller. In order to use the new function in the network it is enough to have the Rossmann GO application and a smartphone with a camera, which will serve as a product scanner.

As emphasized by Vice President of Rossmann Marcin Grabara, the Rossman GO function is not the answer to the Covid-19 pandemic. The current situation has only accelerated the previously planned launch of the mobile payment function. It is important for the network to invest in new solutions that translate into both stationary customer service points and online customer service – especially when 70% of purchases in the Rossmann network are paid electronically. Marcin Grabara also stresses that currently 7 million users use the drugstore shopping applications. The new function will be available in all 1.5 thousand drugstores in Poland.

Empik launches Pay&Go payments

Empik also took a similar initiative. Since the beginning of December this year, a new service has been implemented in selected stores of the network, allowing for independent scanning of products and paying for purchases in the mobile application. As in the case of Rossmann, the whole process will be carried out without the need to transfer products to the checkout desk and direct contact with the seller. In time, the service will be extended with a number of additional functionalities, such as the exact location of the desired product in the living room and navigation to the shelf.

Pay&Go service is currently available in 10 selected Empik stores. By the end of the year it is planned to launch the service in 50 outlets, and in the future in all Empik stores in Poland. Empik Premium and Empik Premium Free users have access to online payments.

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