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Rossmann is introducing a new Scan & Go function, which can be tested by customers in selected shops in Germany. With this feature, customers can scan products on their own and make payments with no need to go to the checkout. On the Polish market, such a solution was implemented some time ago.

The drugstore chain has decided to develop the Rossmann application by adding the Scan & Go function, which streamlines the product purchase process. As Lebensmittel Zeitung reports, under the slogan “Scan & Go – Buy faster with Rossmann application” the drugstore chain is promoting this service at its branch in Hanover and in a few days also in branches in Munster and Nordenham. Within the Scan & Go service, Rossmann uses Shopreme software, which can also scan products offline in the shop areas. In Poland, the chain has been offering Scan & Go based on other application software for some time now.

At the beginning, it is enough to just share the location or scan the shop code to allow the system to monitor the purchase process. The customers, using their own smartphone, can scan the products and add them to the basket in the application and then make an online payment using BLIK, Google Pay, Apple Pay, or a quick transfer. There is also an option of using a self-service checkout or the traditional one – to finalise the purchase, all the customer has to do is enter the barcode generated in the app and pay for their purchases.

According to Antje Konig, head of IT at Rossmann, the integration of the Scan & Go function into the existing Rossmann app is a solution that will allow customers to shop intuitively. In addition, the new feature allows customers to easily manage coupons – their availability and possible activation are visible in the shopping basket in the app.

Rossmann the leader with over 1/5 of cosmetics market share

The German drugstore chain is the unquestioned leader on the cosmetics market among specialised reatailers. Both in terms of the number of outlets and the value of sales, whose share in the entire market is at the level of 23%. The leader’s share is similar to that achieved by the next four players together. These include the food chains Biedronka, Lidl and specialistc chains Hebe and Douglas. There is nothing to indicate that Rossmann’s position will change in the coming years. Rossmann has no serious competition in the form of a single drugstore chain comparable to it in terms of the size of its distribution network. Among general drugstores, its biggest competitor, the Hebe chain, currently has over six times fewer shops and the fourth position in the market in terms of revenue.

More information about cosmetics market in Poland in PMR report: “Cosmetics retail market in Poland 2021″.

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