Rossmann opens 1,500 store in Poland

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The market leader, German cosmetics chain Rossmann, has opened its 1,500th outlet in Poland. The new store is located in Lodz. Despite the coronavirus outbreak, the chain is not slowing down the pace of expansion. In 2020 the chain opened 90 outlets.

13 February 2021 Rossmann has opened its 1500th drugstore in Poland. The new shop was opened in a symbolic location, on the same street where the chain’s first shop in Poland stood, As in other shops of the chain in the country, the new shop has an assortment of 12,000 products, it is also equipped with self-service cash registers.

Rossmann the leader with over 1/5 of cosmetics market share

The German drugstore chain is the unquestioned leader on the cosmetics market among specialised reatailers. Both in terms of the number of outlets and the value of sales, whose share in the entire market is at the level of 23%. The leader’s share is similar to that achieved by the next four players together. These include the food chains Biedronka, Lidl and specialistc chains Hebe and Douglas. There is nothing to indicate that Rossmann’s position will change in the coming years. Rossmann has no serious competition in the form of a single drugstore chain comparable to it in terms of the size of its distribution network. Among general drugstores, its biggest competitor, the Hebe chain, currently has over six times fewer shops and the fourth position in the market in terms of revenue.

PMR expert’s view

Karolina Szałas

Retail Market Analyst

In 2020, despite the COVID-19 epidemic the dynamics of openings in the large drugstore chains segment was maintained at a level similar to previous years. In total, the large drugstore chains added more than 90 new drugstores. The increase in the number of stores was mainly the responsibility of Rossmann chain, which increased by 90 shops. The Hebe chain also opened over 20 new outlets. Natura, in turn, closed some stores, which had a negative impact on the growth dynamics of the number of largest chains’s outlets. In 2021 we forecast a weakening of the growth dynamics of the number of new outlets in the large cosmetics chains. It should be noted, however, that the growth of the market of large chain drugstores is strongly linked to the decline of independent drugstores, so although their number continues to grow, the potential for new shops is increasingly limited.


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And we will talk about the non-cosmetics assortment in cosmetics chains during the webinar: PMR In-Sector Insight: Asortyment pozakosmetyczny w drogeriach, which will take place on 25 February 2021.



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