A potential threat to Allegro: Shopee launches in Poland


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The Singaporian digital marketplace, the 9th most popular e-commerce platform in terms of views, is planning its debut in Poland. Allegro, which ranked 10th on this list, may feel its position threatened by the new rival, who has already announced many amenities for new sellers and customers.

The Shopee platform has already bought the shopee.pl domain and has signed contracts with DPD and InPost. As known from the information provided to the wiadomościhandlowe.pl website, online sellers have been receiving cooperation proposals from the company from the beginning of August, along with which the first six months are offered without commission and subscription fee, as well as full access to analytical tools and all functions available for sellers. In addition, each seller who will put up at least 30 listings, of which at least 5 % will be subject to a 10% discount, is to receive PLN 250 for customer discount coupons. It is a promotion that will be valid for the first six months of the company’s operation in Poland, i.e. from October 2021 to March 2022.

New customers were also not left out in the field of promotional services – after its debut in Poland, Shopee offers free delivery with no minimum order value. The shipping cost will be fully covered by the platform.

Another foreign e-commerce platform debuts in Poland

Shopee is another foreign e-commerce company in that debuts in Poland this year- Amazon, the American giant in the field of e-commerce, has still not managed to undermine Allegro’s position. Therefore, it is difficult to say whether the threat to Allegro from Shopee is actually plausible. However, considering the popularity of Aliexpress, another Asian platform that has been well received in our market, as well as the proactive activities of the Shopee platform to attract new sellers and customers, the success of the Singapore marketplace in Poland would not be surprising.

The company was founded in 2015 and in 2018 its gross turnover value (GMV) reached $ 10 billion with over 600 million transactions per day. The Shopee platform has conquered the Southeast Asian market, where it is the most visited e-commerce website in the entire region. Shopee is active not only in Singapore, but also in Indonesia, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia. Shopee is also conquering the Latin American market; operates in Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Mexico.

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