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Roger Publishing, the company behind the online shop, recorded record sales results in 2020. The founders of the company are gynaecologist Nicole Sochacki-Wojcicka and her husband Jakub Wojcicki.

The company specialises in the sale of its own products (manufactured and sewn in Poland), such as medical binders, clothes and nightwear for women, clothing for infants (including premature babies) and children, or cosmetics promoting preventive medical check-ups. According to the information presented on the instagram profile of Roger Publishing, in 2020 the shop sent 270,000 orders with such products to customers. Assuming (in the cautious variant) the average value of an order per PLN 100, it gives the revenue of nearly PLN 30m gross.

T-shirts and socks as a sales hit

The hit product of sales in 2020 was cotton Ola T-shirts, whose shop sold nearly 62,000 units. The second best-selling product was the lipstick ‘I test myself regularly’, which sold in nearly 48,000 pieces. The third place in the sales ranking was taken by the Ninja tracksuit set (36,000 pieces). The sale of pregnancy binders amounted to 35,000 units. This is one of the company’s flagship products, aimed at facilitating the storage of numerous medical documents, as well as promoting medical knowledge about pregnancy.

Good sales results were also recorded for books, especially cookery. Instaserial o gotowaniu, Instaserial o gotowaniu dokladka and Instaserial o gotowaniu dla dzieci sold in 19,000-20,000 units each.

Last year, the e-shop offer was extended by more than 120 own products. Roger Publishing also introduced products of other suppliers to its offer, mainly as part of newborn layette. Last year, it sold over 107,000 of them. Socks (in cooperation with Many Mornings) were responsible for over one tenth of this number.

In 2021 the company does not rule out expansion into foreign markets.

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