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On 16 September, two days after American premiere, a line of colour cosmetics referring to the iconic TV show from the 1990s – Friends appeared in countries all over the world, including Poland. A line of eye shadow palettes and lipsticks inspired by the characters from the series was  by Revolution brand.

Makeup Revolution x Friends cosmetics line inspired by TV show, Friends appeared in Poland in mid-September 2020. They are available in Hebe brick-and-mortal stores, as well as online channel.

It includes shadow palettes , lipsticks and glosses inspired by individual characters from Friends and accessories: a mirror and a beautician in two colour patterns. The palettes are inspired by Phoebe Buffay, Rachel Green and Monica Geller respectively,   lipsticks and lip glosses by six main characters.

Difficult year for color cosmetics segment in Poland

Colour cosmetics will be among the segments of cosmetics market in Poland that will be most negatively affected by the COVID-19 virus. According to PMR estimates, in the worst-case scenario, the segment’s dynamics may remain at -3.5%.

The temporary restrictions on the movement of people, restrictions on the activity of selected business entities, as well as detailed regulations concerning the rules of making purchases, during the period when they were in force directly froze part of consumer spending, making it impossible.

Popular name drives sales of cosmetics

According to the results of the survey conducted by PMR, almost half of the respondents declare the purchase of cosmetics carrying the names of famous people. This is not surprising as quite many manufacturers cooperate with celebrities and the offer of signature products is very wide. Women, young people and people with lower and secondary education declare more often they buy such products.

It can be expected that the willingness to make up with products inspired by famous characters from the TV show will also have a positive impact on sales of Revolution brand.

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