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Can you run restaurants without your own premises? Yes, and the Rebel Tang project proves it. The founders of the start-up came up with an idea which allows to use the capacity of existing facilities.

Four concepts based on existing restaurants

The concept of Rebel Tang is very simple. Start-up created ready-made catering concepts with a menu dedicated to deliveries. It currently offers four restaurant brands: Grube Pierogi (dumplings), ProKURAtura (poultry-based dishes), Prosię Bardzo (pork-based dishes) and Vito Calzone (calzone – an Italian pizza wrapped in the shape of a dumpling).

The kitchens and processing capacities of existing restaurants are used for preparing the dishes. The model is therefore not capital-intensive. Without major investments, it is possible to supplement the format in which the restaurants already operate, emphasises the founder of Rebel Tang, Stanisław Magdij, in an interview with Rzeczpospolita.

100 restaurants by the end of the year

The rebel Tang wind in the sails took on during the coronavirus pandemic, when a lockdown caused the traditional restaurants to close for several weeks. The company launched the first eight kitchens at the turn of May and June, and now has 32, according to a newspaper. Soon it is to start cooperation on a franchise basis with other restaurants. By the end of the year, Rebel Tang wants to have 100 of them. Rebel Tang stresses that by using big data he is able to determine exactly what type of restaurant is desired in a given area.

Rebel Tang restaurants currently operate through aggregation platforms such as Glovo and Uber Eats. Deliveries are made in several major cities. In the future it is not excluded to set up your own platform if the number of units is high enough.

In autumn, Rebel Tang wants to carry out an investment round of about 1 million euro.

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