What do Poles buy as a Christmas gift?

Christmas is right around the corner. Thus, one of the most important aspects of Christmas (especially for children) is giving each other gifts.

According to, the research conducted by Allegro and Mobile Institute Poles intend to spend an average of PLN 482 on gifts in 2019. On the other hand, the Provident’s Barometer data show that the total Christmas spending per capita will reach PLN 1,722 on average. Thus, this amount shows how important the pre-Christmas period is for the retail market.

What do we like to get for Christmas?

Among the most popular gifts, there are traditionally several product categories and this year is no different. According to the Provident Barometer, Poles would like to receive: electronic articles (15%), cosmetics/perfume, books (11% each) and jewellery (4%). For Polish women, the best gifts would be cosmetics or perfumes (20%), jewellery (15%), books (8%) and electronics (5%). As many as 82% of respondents expect to receive at least one gift during the coming holidays.

Is any product suitable as a gift?

Some products are suitable as gifts and others are definitely not. According to PMR survey for “Private label retail market in Poland 2019” report, 42% of consumers believe that private label products are not suitable for a gift. Otherwise, 32% of respondents has a different opinion. Women more often than men think that it is inappropriate to offer a private label product as a gift (44% vs. 38%).

Source: 2019

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