First Żabka Nano opened in Decathlon


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Customers will be able to do their shopping quickly and without queues at the Decathlon store in Piaseczno where the first self-service Nano Zabka was opened. The tested concept differs from the previously opened autonomous Zabka stores – it now uses an innovative form of authorization and payment for shopping, which is realized by means of a payment card.

Since June 2021, the company has already launched more than a dozen self-service Żabka Nano points in various locations, including railway stations, subways, city centers and the Poznań International Fair. Now the company is launching a new version of the Żabka Nano in the store-in-store model. Such a device can be opened in a very short time thanks to its unusual modular construction – in Piaseczno, it took about 24 hours to put one together.

Nano Zabka has an innovative system of authorization and payment for shopping which was developed in cooperation with Adyen. The customer enters the store with a payment card and inserts it into a machine at the entrance of Zabka Nano. On the first visit, the customer enters a phone number to which they will receive a text message confirming the purchase. Once this is done, the door opens automatically. Once inside, the shopping will take only a few moments, the consumer only has to take the desired product off the shelf and leave. The camera system in Zabka Nano recognizes the products taken from the shelves, charges the appropriate amount and then finalizes the purchase with the credit card used at the entrance to Zabka Nano, using techniques such as machine learning. Customers are not identified and photos are not stored, ensuring complete privacy and security.

The product portfolio at Decathlon’s Żabka Nano is tailored to the unique characteristics of the location and consumer profile. It will feature 450 products that cater to people who want to live a healthy and active lifestyle. Nutritious and healthy snacks, juices and smoothies, prepared meals and freshly ground coffee from the coffee machine are just a few examples. The Nano Zabka will only allow one person inside during pandemic restrictions.

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