Zabka: Over 50 seasonal shops

zabka sklep sezonowy

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As every year, the Zabka convenience store chain launches seasonal stores. This year there are 52 such outlets, most of which are located by the Baltic Sea.

Standard opening hours, but overtime traffic

Seasonal establishments are usually launched in a modular form. Their idea is to enable quick shopping, during a walk or on the way to the beach. Zabka provides franchisees with a pavilion with all the equipment and enables them to run the outlet in accordance with the network standards. According to the company, such outlets are an opportunity for additional earnings for franchisees who run year-round shops in traditional locations.

The biggest challenge in seasonal outlets is to choose the right staff. Such a shop requires a much larger number of people on shift and very efficient service, as compared to a traditional outlet. Deliveries to seasonal outlets are made twice a day, and the shops are open in standard Zabka hours, i.e. between 6 and 23. They will operate until September.

The leader of the convenience segment does not slow down

This year, seasonal Zabka shops operate in Dziwnowek, Jaroslawiec, Wladyslawowo, Mrzezyna and Leba, among others. This season, for the first time, the modular Zabka also appeared in Okuninka, a summer resort on the Jezioro Biale in the lubelskie voivodship.

Zabka is the owner of the largest convenience store chain in Poland with over 6,300 outlets. The new format, enriched with a wide range of additional services, already has over 6,000 stores. According to PMR data, in 2020 Zabka’s share in the convenience segment in terms of sales value will exceed 47%. Zabka stores are visited daily by more than 2m customers and 12m consumers live no further than 300 metres from the nearest Zabka.

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