Zabka: Private labels teach how to recycle

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Since the beginning of 2020, the Zabka convenience store chain has started to introduce additional labels on the packaging of private label products. They are to facilitate waste segregation.

The markings are based on a well-known symbol representing a man throwing rubbish in the trash can. The chain has created an additional colour identification which is consistent with the uniform colour system of division into five waste fractions. According to Zabka, the markings used are simple and intuitive. Thanks to the use of the idea of colourful baskets, every customer can read on the packaging into which the individual components should be thrown.

Zabka stresses that it has not interrupted the introduction of additional markings on private label packaging despite the coronavirus pandemic. This is not the only pro-ecological initiative of the network. Among other things, the company introduced 100% recycled bottles (rPET) in its own brands Foodini, Wycisk and S!. It also tests organic straws and lids made of 100% biodegradable material, which does not contain microplastics.

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According to a study cited by Zabka, only about 40% of Poles know how to segregate waste properly.

Photo: Zabka.

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