Zabka will create a fully automated logistics centre

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Construction of the state-of-the-art Zabka warehouse, located near Radzymin near Warsaw, began in mid-January and will last until 2022. The centre will be equipped with innovative automatic solutions which will not only speed up the logistic service of the shops and improve the quality of service for franchisees, but will also be environmentally friendly. The project will include a 40 m high high bay section. The developer 7R is responsible for the investment.

The logistics centre near Radzymin near Warsaw, with a total area of approximately 60,000 sqm, will be the largest and most modern facility in our infrastructure. The warehouse will be automated and at the same time energy efficient in order to reduce the environmental impact to a minimum. The centre is of strategic importance to our network, which is why we decided to participate in this project also as an investor, to ensure the highest possible standard of construction that will serve Żabka as a tenant for many years to come – says Tomasz Suchanski, President of the Management Board of Zabka Polska.

The warehouse is a BTS project, i.e. it is prepared according to the individual needs of the Zabka chain and optimizes all its logistic operations. The “high bay” building will be four times higher than a standard warehouse and will use advanced technological solutions.

Logistics with an eye on the environment

The new logistics centre will be characterised by high storage capacity. It will feature refrigerated areas and high-class systems supporting the automation of logistic processes conducted there. The centre will be able to handle daily approx. 5,000 m3 of shipped goods. The building will be equipped with the latest logistics automation technologies, such as automatic transport and pallet silos or Goods To Man picking stations, which guarantee a several-fold increase in operating efficiency.

The new logistics centre of Zabka will be equipped with a number of solutions thanks to which the facility will fulfil its logistic functions while keeping low CO2 emission to the atmosphere. The building will be powered by green energy from photovoltaic panels. The investment will also benefit from a special anti-smog cube and towers and a grey water system to increase the efficiency of its consumption.

Construction near Radzymin has already begun and the investment is scheduled to be commissioned in mid-2022. In 2023, the logistics centre will be fully equipped with automated solutions.

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