Zabka with a new shop format


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Zabka has decided to introduce another new shop format. This time, the operator of Poland’s largest convenience chain has opened a shop at the self-service Rakieta petrol station. The offer of the new Zabka store has been expanded with automotive products and additional foodservice items.

The new Zabka shop is located in the town of Krosno near Mosina in the Wielkopolska voivodship and its offer is tailored to the needs of customers of a self-service gas station. Thanks to the available automotive products and an increased selection of catering products, the new outlet is to meet the expectations of travelling customers. As Tomasz Suchanski, CEO of Zabka Group, adds, the new shop format will not only provide customers with the highest level of shopping comfort but will also allow franchisees to open outlets in unique locations.

The Rakieta stations where the new Zabka shops will appear are small fuel stations that offer both traditional and self-service refuelling to their customers. The stations, belonging to Automotive Fuels Services Sp. z o.o., are located in developed areas. According to Waldemar Lisiewicz, expansion director at Zabka Polska, it is the self-service and local character of the stations that makes them complementary to the Zabka shops.

The Zabka chain’s offer

The Zabka chain has over 7600 stationary shops in Poland, which are run by over 6200 franchisees. Additionally, the chain offers its clients various formats that are adapted to temporary increased demand or specifics of the location. As Tomasz Suchański points out, for several years, seasonal Zabka shops have appeared on the Baltic coast, and in 2021 the company tested a mobile Zabka that appeared at concerts and fairs. The mobile shop appeared for the first time in the food and beverage zone of the Wroclaw Tattoo Convention at the turn of July and August, and the novelty was also a wide gastronomic offer that included ready-made dishes, snacks, and drinks served hot. In addition, since 2021, self-service Zappka Store outlets have already been operating in Poznan, Warsaw and Cracow, allowing customers to quickly purchase the products they need using an app.

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