“Zabkomaty” – new solution for Zabka

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The design of the parcel machines is ready, currently the machine is being tested in one of the Poznań shops. They’re about to appear in more establishments.

Automated collection of shipments

The parcel machines will be located inside the shops, so the access hours will be the same as the current opening hours of specific points. They will be adapted to convenience stores and are therefore small in size. They were produced by the Polish company Retail Robotics. The whole system is managed by a “Cartesian robot”, moving in several axes. The customer will be able to use the service himself, without the help of employees, by entering the appropriate code on the panel.

Technological development of Zabka shops

Year after year, we can observe an increase in the number of shops (currently over 6,000 outlets in Poland), as well as growing interest among customers. So in order to meet the expectations of consumers, Żabka has already introduced the Zappka application, which allows to collect points, then the Zappka Pay payment system appeared. In addition, an internet sales system is also being developed, with personal collection as well as home delivery. Society at this time pays great attention to speed of shopping and convenience. They’re still looking for new amenities. We have seen the benefits of such solutions in recent months, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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